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Hi! My name's Boots, and though I don't yet live in the Bay area I'll be moving out there soon enough. I'm really excited about being someplace that seems to be teeming with Doll people/conferences, I've only ever been to one doll-related function (Last summer's Dollectable, which was an amazing experience which I hope to repeat in the future) but I really love talking to other people about dolls, doll clothing, photostories, ect.

I'm also a budding seamstress. I'm not great yet (only know a few basic patterns), so if anybody had tips/tricks/patterns, or knew where to get them, I'd much appreciate.

My doll collection began with a Namu Trunk named Jose, who was sent to me by a doll friend of mine about two years ago. I got addicted, and now have main dolls. I have to say I really like Bobobie dolls, being unable to afford Elfdoll or others of that price range, but someday (when I'm no longer a poor student) I hope to own a K Elfdoll.

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now. I really can't wait to get up there and attend all of the meetings/conferences I've been reading about. If anybody wants to chat about dolls, I'm always around on AIM or on livejournal.

Oh! Before I forget, I just recently purchased a female white 60cm Bobobie body. I don't know which head I want to save for, though, so I'm really, really open to any suggestions, observations, warnings... :P

Ok, I'm done, for real. G'day, all!
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