Kitsune Valentine (k_valentine) wrote in sf_bayarea_bjds,
Kitsune Valentine

Doll introduction: Yo-Joe


Name: Yo-Joe

Age: I got the body of a five year old, but definitely not the mind.

Favorite things: Guns, girls, grenades

Short biography: I have no idea where I am, who I am, or what I'm doing here. I just know I arrived here naked and alone. I took care of the naked problem quickly by killing a soldier and taking his clothes, but then realized I'm not alone: angry soldiers to my left, tiny Lego figures to my right, transforming robots everywhere, and two annoying cousins named Cosette and Eponine who visit on a whim. I work with all of them, but still dream of opening an armory to equip my fellow Yo-SD dolls.

What did you think of your owner at your first meeting?: What owner? I have no parents or guardian. The closest I've seen was the giant moving tree whose branches occasionally pick me up and send me places.

How do you feel about yourself?: I'm just trying to survive this harsh world. I'd like to meet cute girl dolls who are my height. Cosette and Eponine are tall and scare the hell out of me.

What do you like to do?: I collect guns, fire guns, sell guns, and work with the other inhabitants of my neighborhood.

What is your clothing style?: I take the clothes of my defeated targets. Most are soldiers, but I have killed a whip-snapping archaeologist.

Additional links about me: -My name, rank, serial number, and official biography. Yo-Joe's Bizarre Adventure: Chronicles of my adventure and development.
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