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All Systems Go For GoGaDoll 2009!!! :)

Yes, that's right, folks. The Golden Gate Ball Jointed Doll Association has just announced that the website for GoGaDoll is up, and that they are currently taking pre-registration for the event. Please visit the website for more details and pre-registration information:

GoGaDoll 2009

Hope to see you guys there!!! :)
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ooooooh XD I will try to be there as well!!! ;0;!! that is so cool! 2 bjd conventions in SF 8D!!!!!

What?! There's TWO BJD conventions? This is news to me. What's the other one? Do you know?
!!?? uh..may be I was wrong.....
isn't another one dollectable??? XD???

GoGaDoll is Dollectable. The original founder of Dollectable moved out of California, and took the name with her. They also felt that since the convention takes place in the Bay Area, that the name should reflect the location. Therefore, GoGaDoll was created. Just thought you might want to know. :)
oooooooooh XD I see!!!! thank you for letting me know ;0;! I learn something everyday!!! XD and I am really interested in joining this year!!! I met so many new friends and had so much fun last time <3