neo_ragdolls (neo_ragdolls) wrote in sf_bayarea_bjds,

Hello Everyone!!

I've been a watcher of this community for a while and I finally decided to join. =3
Here's some info about my girl Evette

Name: Evette Gabriella  Devereux
Age: 20
Favorite things:  my gibson, modeling, rockabilly -psychobilly-horrorbilly music, Elvis, tattoos, hot rods, ma little bro
Short biography:  I'd have to say I had a pretty normal childhood, though my parents were a little over protective and sheltering.  So as you can guess as soon as I was old enough I was out the door. XD  I'm attending school part time and working part time too.  A little less than a year ago my little brother came to move in with me while our parents decided to travel around the world.  He's a cute little guy...but real quiet still.
What did you think of your owner at your first meeting?: she looked nice, a bit odd running around in all those frilly clothes though. ^^;
How do you feel about yourself?:  Well, I'd have to say I'm pretty self confident.  Not much about bragging thats all you get to know. XD
What do you like to do?:  I love playing my guitar, going to the beach (watching the surfers), reading magazines, getting tattooed, hanging out with my little bro, and I'm trying to break into modeling
What is your clothing style?:  Thats a little tough, normally I just wear what pretty comfortable, but I do wear a lot of more psychobilly styled clothing...unless my owner can bribe me into a frilly outfit...and she really has to bribe me.

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