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Three upcoming meets!

Alrighty!  We have three meets coming up.  One has the date set already and two are still up for vote.  All can be found on Den of Angels and I will post the link with them.

First up!  We have a meet at Michelangelo Park in San Francisco on Sunday August 29th.  Michelangelo Park is located near the curviest street in the world, Lombard Street!  This will be a potluck meet, so bring some goodies and enjoy what everyone else brings!

Next!  There will be a meet at Let's Cupcake in Newark in September.  The date hasn't been selected yet and space is limited, so hurry on over to reserve your spot and cast your vote!

Last but not least!  We will also be having our Annual September meet at Sigmund Stern Grove in San Francisco.  We still need to select the date for that one too!  There will be a pot luck and also a Gift Exchange or a White Elephant Gift Exchange (with a limit of $25 for each gift).

Also, I'm going to continue to be a shameless plug whore!  If you're on Facebook, please join the Resin SF group!  I try to keep the group as up to date as possible and sometimes post meet photos there. :3
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