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sf_bayarea_bjds's Journal

San Francisco Bay Area BJDs
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This is a community made to bring togeather the BJDs and BJD owners who live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can post information about where to get accessories, fabrics etc... as well as get togeather dates and ideas.
Of course this community is also to get us altogeather as a close-knit group who can meet up IRL as well as chat online. So please put pictures of your BJDs, Ideas for them, Tips, Auctions/Sales, Profiles, Stories, Websites, anything.
If you want to write something off topic however, please write "OT:_____" in the subject.

The rules are pretty simple...post long picture posts/photostories behind LJ cuts, be polite, no flameing, and no spamming.

Please put a profile/survey from the POV of your doll (or future doll/s) so we can get a feel of their personality, I am providing one here for you:

Favorite things:
Short biography:
What did you think of your owner at your first meeting?:
How do you feel about yourself?:
What do you like to do?:
What is your clothing style?:

You can change/add anything you want, but leave the Name, Age, Favorite things, and Short biography.

NEW RULE (July 28th, 2005)

We now have 2 groups to cater to those in the North Bay and those in the South Bay.
So now when you want to organize a meetup please put either [NORTH BAY] or [SOUTH BAY] in the heading so those who can't get to one or the other can focus on the one for them. Of course anybody can go to whichever they want, but this will make it easier.
Also, every 6 months or so we will have a regional meetup.