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Three upcoming meets!

Alrighty!  We have three meets coming up.  One has the date set already and two are still up for vote.  All can be found on Den of Angels and I will post the link with them.

First up!  We have a meet at Michelangelo Park in San Francisco on Sunday August 29th.  Michelangelo Park is located near the curviest street in the world, Lombard Street!  This will be a potluck meet, so bring some goodies and enjoy what everyone else brings!

Next!  There will be a meet at Let's Cupcake in Newark in September.  The date hasn't been selected yet and space is limited, so hurry on over to reserve your spot and cast your vote!

Last but not least!  We will also be having our Annual September meet at Sigmund Stern Grove in San Francisco.  We still need to select the date for that one too!  There will be a pot luck and also a Gift Exchange or a White Elephant Gift Exchange (with a limit of $25 for each gift).

Also, I'm going to continue to be a shameless plug whore!  If you're on Facebook, please join the Resin SF group!  I try to keep the group as up to date as possible and sometimes post meet photos there. :3
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Resin SF June Meet and FaceBook

Hi all~! It's Korofel bringing you news of a June meet and a FaceBook Group for Resin SF!

The Resin SF June Meet will be on Golden Gate Park one one of the last two weekends in June. We're still looking for a date selection~! It will be a tea party potluck, so bring yummy food with you~! :3

And the Resin SF FaceBook Group is up and running! Come join and help us keep everyone up to date on local meets~!
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hello. ^^

Name: ElexieL Grae
Age: 19
My doll's name is Ophelia Autumn
she is 10 months old.

Favorite things: Emilie Autumn, Angelic Pretty, Hello Kitty, Gothic and Lolita, ABJD's, Corsets/ Corsetry, Heavy Metal, Shoujo, Modeling, Victorian Vintage, Petticoats, arts and crafts, fashion, music, gothic industrial, clubbing, classical/ chamer, faeries, fantasy, fiction, business entrepreneurship 

Short biography:... too long for me to post. You'd actually have to meet me to get to know me! lol
in other words- too lazy to type!

What did you think of your owner at your first meeting?: Is this about me or my doll?
How do you feel about yourself?: fine
What do you like to do?: sew, draw/sketch, listen to music, attempt to play music, shop, and shop some more! lol, hang out with friends, club, walk around, mellow out, write to my self, plan out, contemplate, watch movies or anime
What is your clothing style?: a mix between sweet decora lolita, classic lolita and victoriandustrial steampunk with a hint of gothic.
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evette animated

Hello Everyone!!

I've been a watcher of this community for a while and I finally decided to join. =3
Here's some info about my girl Evette

Name: Evette Gabriella  Devereux
Age: 20
Favorite things:  my gibson, modeling, rockabilly -psychobilly-horrorbilly music, Elvis, tattoos, hot rods, ma little bro
Short biography:  I'd have to say I had a pretty normal childhood, though my parents were a little over protective and sheltering.  So as you can guess as soon as I was old enough I was out the door. XD  I'm attending school part time and working part time too.  A little less than a year ago my little brother came to move in with me while our parents decided to travel around the world.  He's a cute little guy...but real quiet still.
What did you think of your owner at your first meeting?: she looked nice, a bit odd running around in all those frilly clothes though. ^^;
How do you feel about yourself?:  Well, I'd have to say I'm pretty self confident.  Not much about bragging thats all you get to know. XD
What do you like to do?:  I love playing my guitar, going to the beach (watching the surfers), reading magazines, getting tattooed, hanging out with my little bro, and I'm trying to break into modeling
What is your clothing style?:  Thats a little tough, normally I just wear what pretty comfortable, but I do wear a lot of more psychobilly styled clothing...unless my owner can bribe me into a frilly outfit...and she really has to bribe me.

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Bobobie colors?

I was looking to buy a new doll and noted that I love the Bobobie Ju, but wanting to see if a non-natural skinned doll would add to my collection, I'm muchly interested in seeing if she would look good in purple, pink, green, or blue.

Problem is, Bobobie has no pictures of these.

So I was wondering, if anybody here has a larger Bobobie in one of these shades, could you share pics? Or if anybody knows where to get them. Ideally I'd like to see Ju in these shades, but anything bigger than the teenys would be awesome.

Thanks a ton!
Lady Saiyan

All Systems Go For GoGaDoll 2009!!! :)

Yes, that's right, folks. The Golden Gate Ball Jointed Doll Association has just announced that the website for GoGaDoll is up, and that they are currently taking pre-registration for the event. Please visit the website for more details and pre-registration information:

GoGaDoll 2009

Hope to see you guys there!!! :)
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