John M. (shatteredcross) wrote in sf_bayarea_bjds,
John M.

Start of a new hobby.


I'm John.

This will be my first post so I'll make it an interesting one.

My wife is currently bewildered and weeping of the inevitable hit to our bank account.

I've always wanted to have a daughter... to spoil rotten.

Unfortunately I cannot afford to clothe, feed, or house a child as of yet...(soon though) But, I do currently have a number of hobbies I indulge. Most of which involve me painting little pewter figures and spending well into the thousands of dollars on something that could simply be called "playing with metal dollies"... I can't call it that in front of the guys... it seems to remove all masculinity from the "war gaming" fandom and I'm tired of being shunned.

Anywho... back to my nonexistent daughter.

I missed the first Dollectable convention in the area which saddened me as not only a RealLifeComics reader but as a hobbyist in general. The second Dollectable slipped by without me even knowing there WAS going to be a second Dollectable. (side note: is there some sort of mailing list for Dollectable?) That realization, three days ago, sparked a furious web search for BJD info. Aside from some interesting and sometimes disturbing youtube vids and a few poorly designed websites that sorta seem to be selling dolls of every style, I'm standing at a loss in a sea of hollow limbs and empty eye sockets.

I feel like one of those mom's who walks into a game store for the first time trying to buy her son some Yugioh! cards; Somewhat confused at the concept, shocked by the prices, and dumbstruck by the sheer quantity.

There must be an easier way of going about this.

So I reach out to you all, my fellow Bay Area residents for some help.

Where do I start?

I was planning on purchasing in at about $250 starting... I'm paying off loans and cars and what not so a simple bare figure will have to do for now... unless someone knows of a good starter kit or what not.

I'm thinking the 22" range might be too big for me...simply for the price range, but then again... I'm not completely shut off.

heres a pic I saw on the european BJD LJ com thats pretty much along the lines I'm hoping to find CLICK

I'm 100% confident in my ability to work a face up in my own time. I just need recommendations on where to buy and what to buy.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hello John :) is the Dollectable website. A great place to check out all the doll brands, find links, look at pictures, and ask questions is

Welcome to the addiction :)
Thank you. I'm thining this just might be the hobby that finally breaks me and yet... I welcome the addiction.

Re: Start of a new hobby


August 13 2008, 02:03:34 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  August 13 2008, 03:20:19 UTC

My advice to you in terms of keeping up with BJD events (conventions and gatherings) is to join Den of Angels. You will get by far the most information possible from that forum... provided that you keep up with the current events and the like.

In terms of finding a doll, you said that "22 range is a big for you. With that said, it sounds like you're interested in either an MSD (40 cm in height), or a YoSD/ BB (26 cm in height). I believe you also mentioned that you were looking for a doll possibly under $250. Okay, I do see a couple of dolls from both DollZone and Bobobie that are within your price range at this website. After you click on the link, click on the image, and then either click on DollZone or Bobobie. I wish you the best of luck. :)
I slept on the concept for a bit and now I'm realizing I shouldn't rush into a cheap purchase... I've done that in gaming and ended up with hundreds of dollars of items I just didn't have any fun with...(imagine trying to paint 100+ figures you hate).. I'm gonna shop around and go for what I really want.

Like when I bought myself a scooter... I didn't just go out and get the first $2000 Kymco POS that I found on sale... I went looked at every Vespa model available and got the top of the line. I think my first doll deserves the same consideration.

22" and $500+ all the way. No matter how long it takes.

Thanks for the link, I've added it to my browsing list.
BTW, sorry about the Avatar... i have it as my default and I"m just realizing its probably not appropriate here. LOL
hey welcome to the hobby ...
my advice is to begin posting on Den Of Angels and build up a certain number of posts {most of these can be comments/questions about other peoples dolls for a their FAQ,its very good

when you have a certain # of posts you will be allowed to go into the den of angels marketplace where people are selling lots of used dolls and parts then you may know what kind of doll you are looking for [girl,boy,realiatic,anime,young,mature} believe ,there are ALL kinds and you DO NOT want to rush to buy ...most people take months to decide because of the cost ,and all your fashion,photostories will involve that doll for a while SO YOU SHOULD LOVE IT ,don't be in a hurry to buy

search "dollfie" on ebay to get used to prices to because they come very basic
in the mean time friend lots of people on LJ to see the most amazing is a good place to start..join this community{lots of bay area people are on this comminity}

have fun
I just joined the DoA forum yesterday morning and have been waiting for my registration to be "OK'd". I'll get to some in depth posts when they finally let me in... I feel like I'm being watched or something... like whoever is reviewing my registration is Google searching my screen name and painstaking looking for some sort of blotch in my record... spooky.

I'm leaning heavily to the direction of a Dream of Doll, E-an model... if I had the money at this moment that's what I'd be looking to buy. But I'll let it stew for now and see if I'm absolutely wow'd in the next few months. I gotta learn to control my spending habits.

Till then I'll just work on making props and stuff for her when I do finally make my purchase.

BTW AWEsome community. I joined.
ahhhh don't be nervous about DOA{or about being new to hobby:)},there are thousands and thousands of artists on there who did just what you did ...came across a doll photo while browsing the web and fell into the hobby hard is just approaching a time now where it is easier to "see" these dolls out at public doll-meets ...before this,almost all dolls had to be ordered and waited upon to be created,so be glad there are sooooo many to choose from ...there are men,women,teens,professional artists and hobbiests who collect bjd all over the world

also some people take their dolls to conventions ..I took mine to costumecon and fanimecon08...there will prolly be bjd dolls at the hugh halloween steampunk convention here in northern CA..there is an area on DOA just listing local doll meetups and its fine to go to one without a doll while you wait .....
I see you are into vespa..well soon I'll be posing the doll I'm waiting on with the bjd sized Harley Davidson cycle I bought for him haha..yea the props get wicked!!..but you can build stuff,thats KOOL
I think i've had at least 10 posts already erased for some odd reason... This is the second harshest forum moderation I've had to tolerate... the first one had to do mostly with Hobbit wrangling. The worst part being that I don't get any reason as to why they're doing it. This kinda sucks.