John M. (shatteredcross) wrote in sf_bayarea_bjds,
John M.

Start of a new hobby.


I'm John.

This will be my first post so I'll make it an interesting one.

My wife is currently bewildered and weeping of the inevitable hit to our bank account.

I've always wanted to have a daughter... to spoil rotten.

Unfortunately I cannot afford to clothe, feed, or house a child as of yet...(soon though) But, I do currently have a number of hobbies I indulge. Most of which involve me painting little pewter figures and spending well into the thousands of dollars on something that could simply be called "playing with metal dollies"... I can't call it that in front of the guys... it seems to remove all masculinity from the "war gaming" fandom and I'm tired of being shunned.

Anywho... back to my nonexistent daughter.

I missed the first Dollectable convention in the area which saddened me as not only a RealLifeComics reader but as a hobbyist in general. The second Dollectable slipped by without me even knowing there WAS going to be a second Dollectable. (side note: is there some sort of mailing list for Dollectable?) That realization, three days ago, sparked a furious web search for BJD info. Aside from some interesting and sometimes disturbing youtube vids and a few poorly designed websites that sorta seem to be selling dolls of every style, I'm standing at a loss in a sea of hollow limbs and empty eye sockets.

I feel like one of those mom's who walks into a game store for the first time trying to buy her son some Yugioh! cards; Somewhat confused at the concept, shocked by the prices, and dumbstruck by the sheer quantity.

There must be an easier way of going about this.

So I reach out to you all, my fellow Bay Area residents for some help.

Where do I start?

I was planning on purchasing in at about $250 starting... I'm paying off loans and cars and what not so a simple bare figure will have to do for now... unless someone knows of a good starter kit or what not.

I'm thinking the 22" range might be too big for me...simply for the price range, but then again... I'm not completely shut off.

heres a pic I saw on the european BJD LJ com thats pretty much along the lines I'm hoping to find CLICK

I'm 100% confident in my ability to work a face up in my own time. I just need recommendations on where to buy and what to buy.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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