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Three Bay Area Meetups -- September & October!!! :)

Holy smokes! There are doll gatherings popping up almost everywhere during the beginning of Fall, and they're in various cities within the Bay Area, so there's no excuse in missing out... unless of course, you have something else to do.

San Francisco, CA, USA

There's a doll meetup taking place on Saturday, September 20, 2008. If you would like more information about the gathering, please click on the link here:

Walnut Creek, CA, USA

Currently, there is a thread about a possible meetup in Walnut Creek on the last week of September. There's not much discussion going on within that thread. If you live within the Contra Costa Area, and would like to attend a meetup nearby, please follow this link:

San Jose, CA, USA

A thread for a Halloween themed gathering is currently on the DoA board. There is no date or location decided for this meetup yet. If you are interested in going to a Halloween gathering in San Jose, please click here:

That is all for now. :)
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